Volunteer Opportunities

Although most people believe that this ministry has opportunities for Outreach positions, there are many other volunteer opportunities available. It truly takes a "village" to make this "plan" work efficiently.



Not for the faint of heart, no crying allowed (on outreach), passionate individual, openness to share your faith, ability to speak truth into a non-believer, not shy to pray out loud. This woman lives a Christian lifestyle and attends church on a regular basis. She would have already been involved in leadership roles. She would be over 18 years old and can make a one-year commitment.


Although this is truly a woman-to-woman ministry, there is certainly a place for men – that place is as a driver and protector of our team on the road. It is preferred (although not necessary) that you own and/or can operate an SUV and have a clean driving record (reimbursement of cost provided). A man on our team would be mature, most likely in a long-term stable marriage. Men would be solid Christians, over 18 years old and can make a one-year commitment. There are also positions available for men in Logistics handling when necessary.




Office skills are certainly necessary; a self-starter; follow-up skills.


Pick up and assisting with donated items and, if necessary, transferring to proper storage facility.




Loves and appreciates a tidy environment and understands how necessary it is for efficient operation of this ministry.


A woman mature in her walk with the Lord. Has an excellent bible-based background. Exhibits joy, peace and patience as well as good listening skills. Not easily manipulated. Can share sound biblical advice and counsel without wavering. Able to commit to a “friendship” with a survivor in rehabilitation on a semi-monthly basis for a minimum of one-year. This person may even want to consider, but is not required, taking the survivor out of the rehabilitation center from time-to-time for a movie, shopping, coffee, ice-cream, etc.




A person (male or female) that owns an iphone (sorry Androids are not effective with this app) and can “watch” the team leader on “Find My Friends” application while they are on outreach (approx.. 2 hours). Must be able to monitor at least every 8 minutes and communicate with the team leader and/or team if indicated. This person would also communicate with authorities if necessary should the team be in trouble on the streets.

Prayer Warrior

A person (male or female) that commits to pray, without interruption, for our team the entire time we are on outreach. It is much like being on “outreach” without being in the vehicle. You will be sent a picture of those people on the team you are praying for and contact via text will be made as the team begins and the team leaves the streets. You may also be asked (via text) to pray in the event of a rescue so that that authorization, process and entry can be made efficiently. Obviously, you need to have a cellphone capable of receiving pictures and text messages.




Initiate, plan and produce fundraising efforts to sustain this ministry. These efforts may include, but are not limited to, an annual gala/dinner. You would also want to work cooperatively with and possibly develop a committee for these purposes.


If you are interested in applying for a volunteer position with Night Angels, you may fill the volunteer form for further details.