Our Core Values

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jermiah 29:11 NIV

We are heightening awareness of the problem of human trafficking, providing outreach and assistance to human trafficking victims, advocacy for these victims, and apostleship of teams, providing these awareness and outreach efforts locally, and nationally.

Night Angels - Awareness


We try to spread information to people about the problem of human trafficking by speaking to individuals and groups about the problem globally and locally. We want people to see the length and breadth of the human trafficking problem and how the problem manifests itself in the Detroit area. We will steadfastly work to see an army mobilized to rise up and fight this terrible inhumanity of our generation.

Night Angels - Assistance


We just don’t talk about ending the problem of human trafficking we are working diligently to do it! We are a “boots on the ground” effort to reach out and find human trafficking victims on the streets of Detroit and offer them a helping hand out of their plight. We seek to build sufficient trust with the victims that we meet so they will allow us to help them take steps to get out of the violent and chaotic world that they live and move on to restoration through Jesus Christ.


Night Angels - Advocacy


When we are able to rescue an individual from their trafficked situation we are advocates for them. Most of victims that we meet are drug addicted and require help securing detoxification treatment from their drug habits, then we seek out long term drug rehabilitation for them so that they can be restored to the plan and purpose that God has for their life. We just don’t drop them at the curb of the street in front of a detox center; we are friends to them and mentor them through their rehabilitation and restoration.

Night Angels - Apostleship


We believe that we have a model for fighting human trafficking that works and we would like to see organizations like ours started throughout the country. We are willing to help anyone start an organization like ours and join in this great fight against the evil of human trafficking.